The Iconic Heritage of Judaism: Documentation and Mediation

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''Ursula and Kurt Schubert Archive'' in the Center for Jewish Art

The project “The Iconic Heritage of Judaism: Documentation and Mediation" (Orig. "Das bildliche Erbe des Judentums: Dokumentation und Vermittlung”) aims at indexing images of Hebrew illuminated manuscripts from the Schubert Archives at the Center for Jewish Art, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in order to increase the importance of the Schubert Archives for the academic research of Hebrew manuscripts in particular and Medieval Jewish culture in general.

The researchers of the Center for Jewish Art completed their work on 80 manuscripts, the photo-documentation of which is included in the Schubert Archives. Each manuscript was checked for its content and the interconnections between the content and each illumination was established. After that each illustration was indexed with one or several subjects from the thesaurus of iconographical subjects developed by the Center for Jewish Art during 40 years of its research activities. 


The Project is a cooperation of  Dr. Vladimir Levin, director of the Center for Jewish Art and co-head of the Project, the Municipal of Vienna, MA7-Department for Culture, and the Research Centre Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society, University of Vienna.