COREnet PhD Summer School

12. Juli, 2 pm - 16. Juli, 12 pm

Veranstaltungsort: University of Vienna 

Religious and Non-religious Narratives on Migration

Narratives on migration play a crucial role in public discourses and have a significant impact on the perception and treatment of migrants and on the development of social and political measures to deal with migration. Simultaneously, migrants themselves have their own narratives on migration, which are often not adequately represented in public discourses. In all these narratives, the reference to ‘religion’ often assumes a central, but also ambivalent function: religion-related motifs and themes in migration narratives can, for example, open up perspectives for meaning and action, but also contribute to the stigmatization of migrants.

The aim of the PhD Summer School is to discuss and identify what religious and non-religious narratives can contribute to contemporary challenges in the field of migration from an interdisciplinary academic perspective.

The call for applications will be published soon.

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