Coming issues and events organized by RaT or members of the platform

 On October 14th, 2017 Hans Gerald Hödl will give a lecture at the international Nietzsche-Congress "Nietzsche und die Reformation / Nietzsche and the Reformation" (12.-15.10.2017 in Naumburg) entitled "Doppelte Prädestination und Ewige Wiederkehr. Eine Reflexion". Programm 

On October 24th, 2017 a book launch followed by a discussion will take place. The event is entitled "Von Abba bis Zorn Gottes: Irrtümer aufklären - das Judentum verstehen" with Norbert Reck, Willy Weisz, Markus Himmelbauer and will be moderated by Regina Polak. The book launch is organized by the bookshop Herder in cooperation with the coordinating committee of Christian-Jewish-Cooperation, Bilbia and the Kardinal König Stiftung. More  

14.-15.11.2017: Workshop "...Is There Anything New under the Sun in Polemics?" Change and Continuity in Jewish–Christian polemics from Late Antiquity to Modernity, organized by the Institute of Jewish Studies (University of Vienna), RaT and the Department of the History of Jewish People (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) More

16.-17.11.2017: Conference "Religious Experience, Secular Reason and Politics around 1900", organized by the department of Christian Philosophy, in cooperation with RaT and the Titus-Brandsma-Institute/Nijmegen More

24.-27.11.2017: the congress "Management of Religious Diversity in European States. New challenges for state institutions, religious communities and academic research in countries of the migration routes: Greece, Austria, Denmark" will take place in HS 1 of the Schenkenstraße 8-10 (5th floor). Scientific Management: Wolfram Reiss. Further Information with regards to the Seminar are available here.