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"Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society" (RaT)!


The research platform "Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society" dedicates itself to important questions regarding the term and the position of religion and religiousity within societal transformation processes in contemporary global context.

The platform is an interdisciplinary research community; its members come from the fields of catholic and protestant theology, social science, law, cultural studies, philosophy, and education.

Our common purpose is to achieve a clarification on the interactive coherence of religion and societal transformation processes in the contemporary global context, looking at the many versatile approaches from the different participating research fields (for details, please see “Mission Statement”).

RaT Newsletter XI

The latest volume of the RaT Newsletter (Nr. 11) was published in July and is avaiable here


Religion and Transformation recently started a blog:

The RaT-Blog will continuously publish short contributions of members and guests of the research platform. Here you can read the first blog entries: www.rat-blog.at

Future Events


Interdisciplinary Conference "Leben und Lernen von und mit Flüchtlingen" September 19.-20. 2017. Organized by Regina Polak in cooperation with the Department for Practical Theology, RaT and the ERSTE-Stiftung. More

29.-30.09.2017: Workshop "Prayer, Pop and Politics: researching post-migrant religious youth culture", organized by Astrid Mattes and RaT. Call for Papers (contact: astrid.mattes@univie.ac.at)

14.-15.11.2017: Workshop "...Is There Anything New under the Sun in Polemics?" Change and Continuity in Jewish–Christian polemics from Late Antiquity to Modernity, organized by the Institute of Jewish Studies (University of Vienna), RaT and the Department of the History of Jewish People (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) more

16.-17.11.2017: Conference "Religious Experience, Secular Reason and Politics around 1900", organized by the department of Christian Philosophy, in cooperation with RaT and the Titus-Brandsma-Institute/Nijmegen more

Recent publications

Hans Gerald Hödl, Johann Pock, Teresa Schweighofer (ed.): Christliche Rituale im Wandel. Schlaglichter aus theologischer und religionswissenschaftlicher Sicht. Göttingen: Vienna University Press bei V&R unipress, 2017.

Sieglinde Rosenberger, Astrid Mattes, Katharina Goetsch:
"Restoring routine by debating tolerance? Discursive responses to jihadist terrorist attacks" in: Politics, Religion & Ideology. (the article is available online)

Wolfram Reiss / Ulrike Bechmann (eds.) Antisemitismus in den Medien? Beschneidungsdebatte und Israelkritik in österreichischen Printmedien (Anwendungsorientierte Religionswissenschaft Band 7), Marburg, Tectum 2017.  

Mattes, Astrid: “Who We Are Is What We Believe? Religion and Collective Identity in Austrian and German Immigrant Integration Policies”, in: Social Inclusion, Vol. 5, No. 1, 2017, pp. 93–104.

Aslan, Ednan / Kolb, Jonas / Yildiz, Erol (2017): „Muslimische Diversität. Ein Kompass zur religiösen Alltagspraxis in Österreich“. Wiesbaden.

Recent Events

23.-26.8.2017: Congress of the European Society of Women in Theological Research (ESWTR) „Translation - Transgression - Transformation“, coordonated in cooperation with RaT Poster Program More

On June 28th Carl Raschke (University of Denver) gave a guest lecture on Deleuze as part of the seminar "Gilles Deleuze - Die Falte". Review and Photos

26.-27.6.2017: Conference „The Crisis of Representation Neoliberalism, Ethnonationalism, Religious Conservativism and the Crisis of Representation in Politics, Religion and Culture – an Interdisciplinary Conference“, organized by RaT Program / Review and Photos


08.06.2017: ORF.at: Report on the research project "Muslimische Milieus in Österreich" by Ednan Aslan and Jonas Kolb

30.4.2017: an article was published on religion.ORF.at entitled "Luther und die Macht der Sprache", which includes contributions by Christian Danz

Three contributions of RaT-Members were published in the newsletter for "Engagement und Partizipation in Europa" ("National Network for Civil Society") Nr. 4/2017: Kurt Appel: „Religion und Zivilgesellschaft in Europa – Plädoyer für einen neuen Narrativ“ , Christian Danz: „Die Bedeutung der Religion für die Zivilgesellschaft“ and Jakob Deibl„Neue Fragen, neue Bündnisse. Zur Rolle der Religionen in Europa“.

27.4.2017: Studies day on „Leben im Anthropozän - Ökologie, Politik, Religion. Ein Gespräch zur Enzyklika “Laudato sí"“ in Melk, organized by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Eva Horn (Department of German language and literature studies) and Univ.-Prof. DDr. Kurt Appel (Department of fundamental theology) in cooperation with RaT.

On 14.4.2017 an interview with Gerald Hödl was published on ORF.at: "Sündenbock und Menschenopfer. Opferlamm und alte Rituale"

 7.-8.4.2017: Symposium "Learning to be Human for Global Times: Current Challenges from the Perspective of Contemporary Philosophy of Religion", organized by Mag. Dr. Brigitte Buchhammer and Univ.-Prof. i.R. Dr. Herta Nagl-Docekal (both: Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna) in cooperation with RaT Review+Photos/program

16.3.2017: Open Lecture by Prof. Dr. Suleiman al-Hussaini (Universität Nizwa, Oman) "Tolerance between religions and Muslims of different schools. Perspectives of the Sultanate of Oman", organized by Univ.- Prof. Dr. Wolfram Reiss (Department of Systematic Theology and Religious Studies) in cooperation with RaT. Review+Photos

On 23.2.2017 Prof. Sieglinde Rosenberger, vice-speaker of the researchplatform RaT was Key Note-Speaker at the conference "Migration et diversité culturelle et religieuse. Dialogue franco-autrichien" in Paris. program (francais)