"Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society"

brings together research on religion at the University of Vienna and makes it internationally visible. The centre currently involves around 70 researchers from 7 faculties and 14 disciplines (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and Islamic theology, Jewish Studies, Islamic Studies and Religious Studies, Social Sciences, Law and Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy and Education, Evolutionary Biology).

Since our founding in 2010, we explore the reciprocal relationship between religion, religiosity and transformation processes in contemporary global contexts. The RaT research centre considers itself an academic contribution to a dialogue between the large religious traditions on the one hand and religion and the secular world on the other.


Success for JRAT: Journal edited by the research centre RaT reaches Q1 in the SCImago ranking

We are pleased to announce that the "Journal for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society", published by RaT in open access, has risen to the top quarter of the best cited journals in the new SCImago ranking in the field of Religious Studies.

This means that our journal has significantly improved on its previous, already very respectable, position in Q2.

This is a great success for our center and makes an important contribution to increasing the international visibility of theology and religious studies at the University of Vienna. The high level of performance in these subjects at our university was recently confirmed by the new QS ranking, in which the University of Vienna was ranked 21st in the field of "Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies". This represents an improvement of 7 compared to the previous year, which means that Theology and Religious Studies once again occupies the second-best position among all subjects represented at the University of Vienna!


In this column you can find an overview of current events:

Study Week

Kunst als Ausdrucksform in den Religionen

22. – 25.7.2024, Schloss Seggau bei Leibnitz

Religiöse Diskurse in westlichen Demokratien – Initiative christlich-jüdische Studienwoche im Gespräch mit dem Islam



Here you can find an overview of the latest scientific publications of the research centre. This includes our journal JRAT, the Supplementa belonging to the journal and the RaT book series:

New Issue: JRAT 1/2024, Global Religious History and Religious Comparison

herausgegebeneidte by Julian Strube

New Issue: RaT Series Volume 30, The Heir. A Christology

by Leonardo Paris

Article published "in advance":

Heinrich, Richard: Die Leiter in Jakobs Traum: Spekulationen zu einem Symbol

This article will be integrated in our upcoming issue JRAT 10 (2/2024) "Philosophy and the Bible"

Article published "in advance":

Breu, Clarissa: Double Turning and Other Duplicities. A Performative Reading of John 20:11–18

This article will be integrated in our upcoming issue JRAT 10 (2/2024) "Philosophy and the Bible"

Article published "in advance":

Brumec, Snežana: Triggers of Exceptional Experiences on the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage

Article published "in advance":

Indelicato, Alessandro and Martín, Juan Carlos: Fuzzy Hybrid Approach to Shatter Religious Tolerance and Fundamentalism Stereotypes across Diverse Nations

Article published "in advance":

Gericke, Jaco: The Hebrew Bible and Philosophy of Religion

This article will be integrated in our upcoming issue JRAT 10 (2/2024) "Philosophy and the Bible"

 RaT Features

In this category, we present a selection of recent books and projects by our members. Currently:



Appel, Kurt (2024): The Eighth Day. Biblical Time as Openness of Chronological Times. In: Ines Testoni, Fabio Scardigli et al.(eds.), Eternity Between Space and Time. From Consciousness to the Cosmos, De Gruyter: Berlin/Boston, pp. 163-172.

Link to the publication

Gabriele Palasciano (ed.), "Christianisme, cancel culture et wokisme. Quel rapport au passé en société contemporaine?" Avec une note introductive de Noam Chomsky. L'Harmattan: Paris 2024.

Link to the publication.

Ikenna Okafor, Josee Ngalula Nicholaus Segeja, Stan Chu Ilo (eds.): Toward a Synodal Church in Africa: Echoes from an African Christian Palaver. Orbis Books 2024.

Link to the Publication.