Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies

A double-blind peer reviewed open-access online journal, the Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies (VEAS) publishes original research related to any subject in the field of East Asian Studies, involving Greater China, the Korean Peninsula, Japan, and Vietnam. Since 2020, a particular focus is put on articles pertaining to the study of religions. VEAS is published annually. Launched in 2009 with the first two volumes published in 2011, VEAS presently comprises 14 volumes and 101 original articles, drawing on the full scale of methodologies, theories, and approaches found in the Humanities and the Social Sciences. Established with the aim to provide a platform to disseminate pioneering research especially by emerging scholars of the University of Vienna, over the years VEAS became an increasingly attractive venue for the scholarship of the international East Asianist community. Following a successful collaboration with Praesens Verlag in Vienna extending over ten print volumes up until 2017, from 2018 to 2022 VEAS was published by de Gruyter/Sciendo as an open access online journal (in tandem with a print on demand copy). In line with its growing international profile (while still embracing the early philosophy at its core), VEAS eventually moved to BRILL in early 2023. The transfer to BRILL does also entail a new strategic collaboration with the Research Centre Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society (RaT). As a fruit of this close partnership, VEAS will strengthen its focus on articles pertaining to the study of religions in the East Asian context. VEAS’s (founding) editor-in-chief, Professor Lukas K. Pokorny, is a Vice-Speaker of RaT.