The research centre runs an Online Open Access Journal (JRAT), a Supplementa series (JRAT Supplementa), and a book series (RaT Series). Furthermore, selected publications by individual members of the research centre, contributions to press and media, and our newsletter archive are to be found here as well.

Open Access Journal JRAT

Since 2015 RaT offers a platform for international scientific exchange on research on religion via the Online Open Access Journal JRAT.

JRAT Supplementa

The Supplementa series was founded in 2021 to supplement the journal JRAT with the publication of monographs, translations of important works and strongly focused anthologies.

RaT Series

In the print series individual members of RaT publish outcomes of conferences that are situated in the broader thematic area of RaT, as well as selected monographs.

Overview of Publications by RaT Members

Selected books published by RaT members are presented in this section.

RaT Blog

The RaT blog is a tool to make research visible and accessible. The members as well as individual guests from around the center report here on their research and comment on current topics. All contributions are fully citable.

Cooperation: Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies (VEAS)

Here you can find information on the RaT-supported "Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies", which is edited by our vice speaker Lukas K. Pokorny, among others.