Religion and migration

This cluster investigates the role of religions in inclusive and exclusive processes in contemporary socially, culturally, and ethnically heterogeneous migrant societies. In this context religious groups and communities have special significance. Therefore their contribution to inclusion and exclusion is focused as well as the interplay of ethnic and religious self-conception. In consideration of the so called “Refugee-Crisis”, that has begun in autumn 2015, the question of socio-religious changes of the majority society gains central meaning. The dialogue between individual persons, groups, and institutions of different religious origin, but also between religions and secular society as well as atheists and agnostics obtains new relevance in this situation. However, it must also face new challenges within the context of migration. Therefore, the question of peaceful coexistence in this complex situation constitutes another main focus of the platform. The problem of gender relations, age and education, as well as social inequality and of the political-juridical context are closely connected with these subjects, since religion plays an ambivalent – conducive and repressive – role in this regard.

Individuals and institutions contributing to this cluster

Individuals and institutions contributing to the cluster

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