Research project Ludger Müller: Wealth of the church - wealthy church? Financing of churches and administration of church assets in a European comparison

This research project was topic of a small conference at the University of Vienna. The results were published in: 

Vermögen der Kirche - Vermögende Kirche? Beiträge zur Kirchenfinanzierung und kirchlichen Vermögensverwaltung, hrsg. von Ludger Müller, Wilhelm Rees und Martin Michael Krutzler, Ferdinand Schöningh Verlag, Paderborn 2015.

A church for the poor? Or a wealthy church with lots of capabilities? A contribution to the relation of church and money. With Paulus the church also tells us today: "I am not looking for your money, but for you!" When looking at the wealth of churches today, this sentence might be understood as pure sarcasm. But also Paulus used to collect money for the Jerusalem community and did engage in economic activities. What has Paulus then done differently to the churches today? Would it be preferable to have poor churches without means? Would they then also be in other regards "without means"? What and how much can a wealthy church with means do today?