Milja Radovic

Dr. Milja Radovic is an international interdisciplinary scholar in religion, media and culture. Dr Radovic conducts specialised research in theology and film and her scientific work traverses theology of ascesis, visual arts, citizenship, nationalism, conflict and peacebuilding. She is the author of numerous scientific articles and authored monographs (Routledge, Ashgate, De Gruyter, JRFM, Edinburgh University Press). She holds lectures and keynotes internationally (Bologna, London, Edinburgh, St Andrews, Rome, Oxford, Cambridge, São Paulo, Nairobi, Boulder, Durham, Kent) and is the recipient of prestigious grants and awards for ground-breaking research in her field. Dr Radovic is actively engaged with the public sector, being an active member of Interfilm and serving as both president and member of the Ecumenical Jury at leading international film festivals, including Berlinale, Locarno, Karlovy Vary, Cottbus, and Oberhausen.

Dr. Radovic works at the Research Centre Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society in Vienna. She is leading the FWF-funded Project "Reframing Space: Film as History" ("Transformationen des Raums: Film als Geschichte").