Call for Abstracts

Special issue: “Exploring Asian Religions in Europe”

ed. by Ugo Dessì (University of Vienna), Lionel Obadia (University Lyon 2), Lukas Pokorny (University of Vienna)

Starting with the work of a limited number of Orientalists and missionaries in the nineteenth century, Buddhism and other religious forms that originated in East Asia, Southeast Asia as well as Tibet/Mongolia have made significant inroads in Europe. Especially in the last few decades, also in connection with the dynamics brought about by globalization, these forms of Asian religiosity have become much more visible in Europe in various respects, including the increased presence of institutional religion and impact of specific practices and doctrines on a relatively large audience of spiritual seekers or occasionally interested people. This special issue aims to add to the existing literature and contribute to a deeper knowledge of this phenomenon by promoting the study of East/Central/Southeast Asian religions in Europe, including the scope of traditional religions, Christianities, new religious movements, and informal spiritualities in diverse regional settings. 

To this end, we are particularly interested in contributions aimed to originate conceptual novelty and address challenging issues and innovative topics, as well as in country-specific contributions that, while giving tentative assessments, focus on the desiderata for research, challenges/obstacles, and required methodologies/theories. At the general level, we would also welcome a focus on the presence, activities, and impact of these Asian religions; their interactions with local (religious) cultures and the secular sphere; issues of membership and conversion; the emergence of new religious economies; and the interplay with the new communication media.

Deadline for abstracts (c. 150 words): 15 February 2022. Authors of proposals invited to submit an article will be notified until 28 February 2022.

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Deadline for article submission (c. 6500 words, inclusive of bibliography, footnotes, etc.): 15 July 2022; online submission: 

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